Costs for Quilting

(as at September 1, 2021)

Quilting Fees:

                       Edge to Edge (all over)                    $  4.50 per sq ft


                       Custom Quilting from                      $10.50 per sq ft

Minimum Charges:


Please note there is a minimum charge for each item :


                     Edge to Edge (all over)

                       and Basting:                                   $ 60.00 per item


                      Custom Quilting:                             $150.00 per item



All items to be worked on are measured, thread color chosen and quilting design determined in a written quote prior to any work commencing.  This is a fixed price and valid for 6 months from date provided on the docket.  All pattern and thread charges are included.  I have an extensive range of thread colors and quilting designs available and I am constantly adding to them.


Calculating Quilting Costs:

The following formula is used to determine the costs for quilting each item.


For an item requiring Edge to Edge quilting:

Measure the width and length in inches.  Multiply length by width and divide by 144.

Example:      50″ (W) X 70″ (L) = 3500 sq inches.
                   3500 sq inches ÷ 144 = 24.30 sq ft


                    24.30 sq ft x $4.50 = $109.35


Turn around Times:


All work is processed in the order they have been received. 


The current turn around time for Edge to Edge is approx 2-3 weeks and Custom work approx 6 to 8 weeks.